Erotic art for sale

Erotic art for sale

Why we have Erotic art for sale?  Erotic art is likely the oldest artform on earth.  Look at the classic statues and paintings in Greece, the Roman empire and a lot of old Asian cultures. The human body and in special the sexual interaction between the bodies has been an inspiring subject for erotic artists for thousands of years.Most times we have some erotic art on stock. You find it on this page.

We paint whatever you want

But we do’nt have only erotic art for sale.  Is this not the kind of erotic art your looking for? That ok. It’s a very personal subject. Everybody has his own preferences.

So please contact us if you want to make us something special for you. You can use the contactform. See the tab on the top of this page.

Please send a picture. And we make a proposal

And attach a picture that gives a kind of visualisation what kind of erotic art you are looking for. If we think we can do it, we’ll make a proposal. If you accept it (and pay us 10% in advance to get rid of the funny people you get when you offer these things)

We need a few weeks to make your painting but normally we send a few pictures so you can see the progress yourself.

You’ll get a real size example

Then you’ll get a real size picture, made by our “real size art” system so you can see what you’ll get. You can try on the place where you want to have int.

After paying the remaining 90% of the money we’ll send your piece of erotic art to you by DHL, UPC or a company like that.

The most exclusive gift in the world. Now possible for everybody

That’s a small painting of your private parts, isn’t it? In The netherlands it’s possible to pose for those paintings but we can accept orders from all over the world when you send us a photograph. Then we make a painting and send you a picture. When you like it, you pay us and we send you your painting. Your partner will be very supprised!. That’s for sure. If you want to know more? Go to the contact page and drop us an email.

We ship all over the world

We send our art all over the world. But shipping and handling is not included in the prices show under the artworks.

The erotic paintings are made bij an educated dutch painter and his erotic models, all talented professionals who make this kind of erotic art for a living. Your  quality is guaranteed. We have one important rule: No portraits! Being recognizable can give a lot of trouble for painter and model. We don’t do it. Sorry.

If you want more information, please use the contact form.We like to answer your questions

We don’t have any stock at the moment. But the pictures will give an idea what’s possible. The small one’s are examples of our intimate gift possibility. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Erotic art for sale | bdsm art for sale

Erotische art or BDSM art?  acryl on canvas 75 x 120 cm   €699 SOLD

Erotic art for sale | bdsm art for sale

A dream or a nightmare? Who knows? Erotic art of BDSM art?   90×90 cm, acryl on canvas, Quality canvas. €799 SOLD

Erotic art for sale | bdsm art for sale

erotic art of BDSM art. 120 x 75 cm acryl on canvas  €695 SOLD

Erotic art for sale | bdsm art for sale

erotic art. BDSM art  Acryl on canvas 60 x 80 €599 SOLD

Erotic art for sale

Erotic art, vagijntje 1. 24 x30cm  acryl on canvas €299 SOLD

Erotic art for sale

Erotic art, vagijntje 2. 24 x30cm  acryl on canvas €299 SOLD

Our unique, intimate gifts

Erotic art for sale

Erotic art, vagijntje 3. 24 x30cm  acryl on canvas €299 SOLD

Erotic art for sale

Erotic art, vagijntje 4. 24 x30cm  acryl on canvas €299 SOLD