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2002 Poses for Models

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Hi, fellow models

I'm Henriëtte, model from Holland. I'm working as a professional model for serveral years already. I work for fotographers and for artists like painters and sculptors.

As a model you're always busy to find new poses. Always the same pose is boring for everybody. But u know from my own experience that there're a lot of artists and photographers having difficulties to tell you what they want. A lot of them just tell you to do just something. Up to you to find the right pose... It's very strange but a lot of artists are not as creative as you should expect.

“Not everbody has a creative mind”

I've seen a lot of artists who expect the model to arrange a set of poses. So they've only to make photographs or a painting of sculpture.

Ok, no big deal. It gives the model a lot of freedom. But when you have to concentrate on your posing it's not easy to find new poses at the same time. And when you use very short poses (I do even poses of 10 seconds) it's even more difficult.

“How to find new poses?”

It would be very convenient to discuss your poses before you even start. But then you need an example. You need pictures to show what you want. It's very difficult to describe a pose just with words...

Of course I had that problem too. So I made a large series of books, including a Cd-rom with a lot of poses for modelling. They're really easy to use to show people what you want to do as a model but for an artist or photographer it's convenient too. It's easy for them to show the model what kind of poses they expect. In the heading you find links to other books.

Here you see the book 2002 modelposes. This book is really meant to quickly get an idea and it's great for models to exercise a lot, testing various poses.

Let's have a look at the possibilities of this book:

A professional model needs hundreds of poses beschikken. This book is a great way to study poses. When you want. Where you want. And the more professional your attitude to your work, the more you can work and make money. Posing is a lot of fun but it's great to get your money afterwards, isn't it?
If you can concentrate on your job instead of concentrating on your next pose, you can do a better job. And a doing a better job gives more work and more money!
It's a relaxing idea for the photographer everybody knows what he and she will have to do. So you get a more relaxed photoshoot or posing session. And that will enhance the results.
Of course you can find examples of poses for models on the internet. But it's a hell of a job to find just the pose you need. The examples in this book are made for posing.
Knowing what to do makes you more relaxed and gives you a lot of confidence. And people will see and recognize it. You'll look like a real professional model.
Are the photographs made for a client? For a magazine? Well, then maybe it's even more important to know (and show!) what you're gone do. People like clients normally don't have the slightest idea what to expect. If you can show then some ideas using this book they 'll be very gratefull...
The investment is less then the money you get for posing half an hour. So the price can never be a problem for you!
Every photographer or artist will like to see you're improving your skills. And they'll ask you a second time...And a third time...
The model in the book is a very professional one. The photographers are professionals being artists for a living. So they know what to do and they know what a professional needs. So the Qualitiy and the usability are guaranteed.

Ar you curious how the book looks? Here's page 44. The book consistes of 58 pages. It's easy to just print a single page or the pages you nee. It's a small investment but you're investing a lot in your carreer as a model! Click here to get the example.


The price of the downloadable book is justr € 7,00. Very, very cheap, don't you think? It's that cheap because we want to make it possibel for everybody to get this book. I know the trouble as a model to discuss poses. I know how hard it is to find a new pose within 10 seconds...So do yourself a favour and click the button. Invest in yourself! Just a lousy € 7,00 for a book with 2002 (!) poses for models. Click the buy now button and it's yours.

Don't think the low price means the book is useless. We like to give you value for your money. The publisher of the book is Mainport Art Productions in the Netherlands. They made over 150 gratis free weblogs and websites for artists, just because they like art. (click for Money is not a motive. It shouldn't be in the world of fine arts!.

So what does "2002 modelposes" mean for you?

You;ll be recognized as an experienced model. You'll get more assignments. So you'll make money with this book.
You can study on your posing whenever en wherever you want. No other people around you. Just you and the book.
You collection of professional poses will grow fast. Very fast.
It feels great to know what you're doing. What you're next pose will look like! You just go from your current pose to the next one. .
You're more concentrated when you don't have to think about a new pose. People will notice you're relaxed and they'll think you're a professional model.
By paying with the wellknown and very safe paypal you can have the book in a few minutes and you can start improving your posing!
The price can't be something even to consider. Posing for half an hour. That's it.
A trusted way to pay.
You don't have to go to the book store. No waiting. You'll download the 58 page book in a few minutes. And you can use it on every device that can be used to read a PDF document. Almost all of them will do the job.

So order now!