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Drawing models

Do you want to know how you make great looking drawings of live models? Drawings that will amaze your friends and your familly?

Do you draw nudemodels yourself? Did you ever wonder too how people make a great drawing of a live model just with a few lines? Did you notice most times they don't draw lines but they use grey and black areas? It's a different way of drawing but it's great for drawing a soft subject like a model. A model has no sharp edges.

But the good thing is, everybody can learn it, just by doing. Throwing away what you did and trying again. And again. And again. That's the way to learn how to draw a model. Most people can learn how to do it. And this book will help them to achieve their goals.

The secret of drawing models

The first secret: Don't draw it!

Ever seen a person with a line around it? People don't have lines around them. But that the way a lot of people start drawing a nude. That's a great start to do it the wrong way. Uses area's of grey. All shades of grey and black. Then you have the basis of a great looking drawing.

This book gives you a lot of possibilities to draw. The examples are easy to reproduce and you'll learn a lot just by reproducing them. And then you use the photographs and start drawing them yourself.

The photograph is a lot smaller. This is book about drawing. Not about photography. So concentrate on the drawings.

So with a very small investment you will:

get a feeling for using lines (or not using them as you'll do most times)
be able to execise whenever you want and your model is always there
to draw, throw away, draw again and so on. Nobody will notice, nobody will see what you made. Until its good enough to show it.
to make a drawing even the model will recognize. That's me, she'll say. Isn't that nice?
to make a drawing feeling relaxed and confident.
to get rid of your frustratien. Because now you'll see what wrong with your drawings.
to start drawing in five minutes from now.

You want to know what you're buying. So click here and download an example page.

Let's talk about money. This book is an investment of 7 euro. That no mistake. It's really seven euro! A very small investment but a great investment in your career.

A low price doesn't mean low quality. We like to give you value for your money. The publisher made over a 150 free websites and weblogs for artists. Just because he likes art. See www.mainportart.nl. Money is not important. Money should never be a motive in the world of fine arts.

To put things together:

You get a great set of examples. Use them and learn to draw models like a pro.
You work as fast as you like. No other people around you going faster than you do. Or slower.
You can practice whenever you want. Your model is always there.
Print just the page you need this time. No waste of paper, toner or ink
You make corrections as many as you like. Nobody sees what your doing. Nobody is giving criticism.
When you see your improvements you will like to draw models more and more. You'll get great results. You make drawing you'll like to show to other people!
The investment is so low everybody can afford it.
A trusted way to pay by wellknown Paypal.
You can start drawing in a few minutes. After paying you'll be send to the downloadpage immediately

So order online. Now!