E-book Writers! How to get a lot of new customers without any work at all!



Your ebook can now be translated into Dutch absolutely free. Now you can sell your books to people you couldn't sell to before.

If you're writing ebooks, you 'll like the idea of your ebook being translated into another language.

Think about the great and new possibilities:

  • A new market opportunity, not only for this book, but for your future books as well;
  • A new market of about 30.000.000 people who speak Dutch;
  • A wealthy and educated target market;
  • You are the author and you'll stay, only the translator and our logo are added. You are the expert and you will be;
  • You can sell to customers you couldn't sell to before because they don't speak your language;
  • The original title (with a link) will be on the second page of the book;
  • We have our own websites to promote your book(s);
  • You can tell your customers about your books being translated. That's not bad for your e-book, don't you think? You may use this special graphic or you can use your own.

  • We can translate your salesletters and other promotion stuff as well.

How other translators do it:

They buy one copy of your book, hack the pdf-file, copy and translate your text, change the pictures a little, shuffle the text a bit, and they have a new e-book. It's impossible for you to prove the original one was yours. Very cheap and very attractive. But that's not our way of working.

Sounds great, but how does it work?

1. You send us a copy of the e-book, or some chapters that give a good impression of the ebook you would like being translated. We'll always return it to you.

2. If we like it or we have a good impression, we make you an offer about the selling price in euros and about sharing the profit. Normally we charge around 50%, but for very complicated books we charge more, because it takes a lot of time to translate them. If the book is pretty old, we charge more too. Is the book just new (1 month or less), then we charge just 35%.

3. If you accept our offer, we get a copy of the book in a readable form, e.g. a Word document, including the graphics. We use this as input for our special, inhouse developed software that makes a first translation. This software makes it possible for us to do this free.

4. We have the right to change the frontpage, so all our books will have the same style. Ofcourse we translate the title, but there will be a link to the original booktitle too.

5. We'll use some kind of automatic payment, e.g as an affiliate on clickbank. To make this possible you have to add a "Download translated version" link on your site e.g. on a "thank you" page with the normal downloadlink and we make a Dutch sales page with a link to it. So we'll get both your money, automatically and fast.

So, think about our offer, look at your ebooks and send us the ones you would like to be translated.

Or send us an url to your salescopy so we can have a first impression. But, we never do an offer without reading the book first, because we only want quality books.

Any questions?

Send an e-mail to info@em-ha-em-art-productions.nl

We have a special interest in books about Gambling, Gaming, Art, Photography and all kind of investments. But if you have another topic, please send an email.

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